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Fairfax is a small but growing community located on the south east side of Bakersfield.  We are very proud of our students, our community, and dedicated professionals that work together everyday.  Fairfax is a  learning community that strives to provide a safe, welcoming environment where students are encouraged to ask questions and to find answers.  We are always looking for community and parent volunteers.  The students and staff would welcome your participation.

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Mr. Hernandez

Principal's Message

Hello Everyone, I wanted to let you know how much I enjoy working for the Fairfax School District. As your Principal here at FJHS, I have the pleasure of working with a diverse group of Parents, Students and Staff. I have been in education over 25 years now and was born and raised here in Bakersfield. I enjoy building relationships with the community, students, staff and our families. I look forward to developing my skills as an educational leader and my priority will always be the safety and education of our amazing students. Fairfax Falcons Soar!